MicNo® A Clear Choice for UV Protection

MicNo® A Clear Choice for UV Protection

Ender Suvaci, Tümerkan Kesim, Zuhal Sapan and Chamkaur Kang present a zinc oxide powder that combines the high transparency and SPF protection of nano-sized particles with the favourable safety profile of micron ZnO.

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is the only globally approved, natural, mineral based UV filter that provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, ZnO can offer great solution as a cosmetics ingredient.

However, conventional forms of ZnO, namely micron and nano sized particles, do not fully satisfy the expectations of cosmetic formulators. For example, although micron particles are safe and have no negative impact on the environment, their large size results in low surface area per mass, an unpleasant non-smooth feeling and a whitening effect on the skin.

On the other hand, nanoparticles are transparent and provide a smooth surface with large area per mass (unless they are agglomerated), but they usually exhibit uncontrolled agglomeration plus health and safety concerns. Furthermore, they may have negative impact on the environment.

To overcome the problems associated with these conventional forms, researchers at Entekno Materials have developed a novel particle technology, called MicNo. The MicNo morphology by design brings together only the advantages of micron and nanoparticles into one single particle (MicNo = Micron + Nano) while mitigating their disadvantages.

Consequently, for the first time, MicNo technology will enable cosmetics formulators to access the advantages of both micron and nano forms of ZnO.

Superior UV Protection

Novel MicNo ZnO particles are tailored micron sized particles, which are composed of strong chemically bonded nanoparticles. MicNo ZnO particles possess only the advantages of micron and nano ZnO particles. For example, MicNo ZnO particles are transparent and do nor exhibit the whitening effect that is experienced with micron particles.

In addition, MicNo ZnO particles behave like safe micron particles on the skin, but like transparent nano particles under the sun. MicNo ZnO particles results in much higher surface coverage per mass with respect to conventional spherical forms like micron and nano.

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